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The Uniting of Body, Mind and Spirit

Through the practice of yoga postures and breath work, you can reconnect your body and mind and discover you spirit. You can become whole again and regain an intimate knowledge of your real self (not the little self with needs and wants that gnaw at you all day long). Yoga is art of listening to all parts of your self.


A Powerful, Holistic and Transforming Tool

Yoga is a powerful, holistic and transforming tool that calms and focuses the mind and develops innate intelligence and awareness. The postures, breath awareness and relaxation techniques develop your natural intuitive intelligence and helps your mind to focus on one thing at a time instead of jumping around like a hyperactive monkey.

A Therapeutic Tool

Your backache, headache and joint pain can disappear with regular practice. People with cancer, cardiac problems and multiple sclerosis can experience relief of some symptoms and develop the ability to relax more and cope with depression and stress.

Something Everyone Can Do

Everyone can do yoga, regardless of age, size, flexibility or health. You don’t need to be bendy to touch the toes with your nose – Poses can always be modified to fit the individual’s needs; Overweight people, pregnant women and older people can practice yoga and receive benefits.

A Way to Have Fun

Yoga sounds like hard work, but it is also a lot of fun. Learning to move your body in new ways can make you feel very playful. Going upside down in an inverted posture can be mood-elevating, backbends exhilarating and liberating. You will feel free, limitless and able to do anything!


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